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After-sale service

Anyone who purchases main products from DVACO chain stores and franchisees can enjoy this service policy.

There are some exceptions that do not apply the warranty items:

Out-of-warranty period;

Product packaging, consumables, or gifts are not applicable;

Failure to use or maintain the product in accordance with the product's instruction manual, such as the damage caused by a greater voltage of the transformer than the product voltage.

Damage due to misuse such as falling, squeezing, or immersion;

Damage caused by force majeure such as floods, fires, and lightning strikes;

Non-professional repair products;

Malfunction or accident of the speaker or equipment due to the usage of a undesignated amplifier or power supply;

Any product not sold by DVACO, or the model number, serial number and manufacturing number indicated on the product have been changed, deleted, moved or unrecognizable;

Only the body of the device is warranted, and accessories such as software, remote control, power adapter, light bulb, optical disc and product manual are not included in the warranty service;

Failure or damage (including exceeding the workload) caused by incorrect installation, operation, or use in a work environment not specified by the product.

* The final interpretation of this warranty agreement belongs to DVACO Group.

Solve problem via telephone guidance within 2 hours

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Product return supplementary instructions

If there is a problem with the product, please contact the DVACO first. If the phone guidance or remote instruction cannot solve the problem, please fill out the “Rework Product Registration Form” and submit it to us with the returned product. You may receive an after-sales service call asking about the product status.

About after-sales service shipping instructions:

1. If the goods are received within 7 days and the product is found damaged on the site, DVACO will bear the round-trip freight.

2. From 7th day to the warranty period, the round-trip freight are borne by the users, while DVACO provides free replacement or warranty service.

After-sales services address: 20F, Building 2, Zhubang 2000 Building, No. 99, Balizhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Recipient: DVACO Service Department

Tel:400-058-5288 Press 4

Contract Attachment: Partner Technical Support

1. Online technical support

Users can find the corresponding products in the search bar of DVACO Mall (mall.dvaco.com) and download the relevant information of the product on their "Download" page.

Users can search for related issues on the technical support page of DVACO's official website (www.dvaco.com).

If your question is not answered in the above two ways, please contact our technical support department by phone or email.

2. Telephone or email technical support

First, please call DVACO Technical Service Phone 400-058-5288 Press 4, and then provide the following information: user Co. name, Telephon No., E-mail address, required support items and content.

If our engineers can find a solution in a timely manner, they will immediately give the user a detailed answer; if not, our engineers will give the user the most considerate service by telephone or E-mail as soon as possible.

Users can submit technical requirements to our engineers through E-mail. Our technical support email address is: support@dvaco.com . Please indicate "Technical Support" in the subject line of the E-mail.

3. On-site technical support

DVACO can provide on-site technical support for the project. The technical support charge for local (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou) projects is 500 yuan / day, and foreign projects need to charge corresponding travel expenses.

When DVACO provides on-site technical support, the dealer shall have technical personnel to cooperate.

The time for on-site technical support is no more than two days.

For on-site technical support, you need to contact our company for an appointment 2 working days in advance.

Other rules for after-sales service

While providing the above services, DVACO will also provide the following services.

1. Regular user return visits and system analysis services:

Based on the user profile, DVACO will contact the user regularly during the maintenance period of the related product/engineering/technical project to inquire about the usage status and problems during the period, provide reference suggestions to help the user, and answer relevant questions.

2. Feedback record:

Users' opinions and reviews on the products/engineering/technical items are recorded in the feedback records in the user's file and responded promptly.

3. Proactive contact:

In the event of something (technical improvement, upgrade, special offer, etc.) related to the product/engineering/technical project provided by the company, DVACO actively contacts the user to get the user's opinion and provide corresponding services.