Z-Wave remote controls offer a convenient and easy way to control your smart home. Control lights, blinds, garage doors and more with the press of a button. You can also trigger multiple Z-Wave devices or scenes you have grouped together in your Z-Wave hub.

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Remotec Z-Wave Scene Master Remote

The Remotec ZRC-90 Scene Master is a wall-mountable (or portable), battery powered Z-Wave wireless scene controller. With 8 buttons, each supporting both quick and long-press capabilities, you can control up to 16 different scenes through your Z-Wave controller.

Aeotec Z-Wave WallMote

The Aeotec WallMote (available with 2 or 4 touch-buttons) is a stylish and advanced wireless Z-Wave remote control. The WallMote includes a thin mounting plate and 3M adhesive pad for easy placement anywhere you would like convenient control of your Z-Wave devices and scenes. The mounting plate cleverly holds WallMote in place using small magnets, allowing for easy removal so it can also be used as a portable Z-Wave remote control. The built-in lithium-ion battery is easily recharged using the included mini USB cable - so you will never need to buy batteries.

Fibaro Z-Wave Keyfob

$87.00 - $89.00
Beautifully designed and precision engineered, the Fibaro KeyFob is a battery-powered, compact 6 button remote control that allows for easy and convenient control your Z-Wave enabled devices and scenes. With the KeyFob, you can open your garage door, switch on the lights or deactivate the alarm... instant control of your smart home is only a click away.

Fibaro Z-Wave Button

The Fibaro Button is a compact, battery-powered, Z-Wave Plus device and scene controller. Different actions may be triggered with one to five clicks or by holding the button down. With its small design and wireless communication, the Fibaro Button can be mounted anywhere you would like convenient control of your Z-Wave enabled smart home.

Fibaro Z-Wave Swipe Pad

The Fibaro Swipe Pad is a wireless, battery or USB powered gesture-controlled pad that allows you to activate Z-Wave scenes or devices with a simple, contactless swipe of your hand. The built-in picture frame also means you can blend Swipe Pad seamlessly with your décor. Currently only available in white.