Netatmo develop and manufacture smart security and environmental solutions to help you secure and monitor your home – from anywhere in the World.

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Netatmo Personal Weather Station

Outdoor and indoor modules for measuring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, CO2 level and noise level; 7-day forecasting; Wi-Fi connection; remote monitoring; data-logging - compatible with Apple iOS (HomeKit) and Android.

Netatmo Indoor Module for Weather Station

Additional Indoor Module for the Netatmo Personal Weather Station. Place anywhere in your home to monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 readings. You can connect up to 3 Additional Modules to your Netatmo Weather Station.

Netatmo Rain Gauge

By adding the Rain Gauge to your Netatmo Personal Weather Station you will be able to track the amount of rainfall per hour or over a longer stretch (historical data is stored free). You will also be able to set up notification that will notify you when the sensor registers rainfall.

Netatmo Wind Gauge

Designed to work with the Netatmo Personal Weather Station. The first ultrasound wind gauge of its type: the 4 ultrasonic transducers provide ultra-accurate measurements for wind speed and direction.

Netatmo Mount for Rain or Wind Gauge

Mount for Netatmo Rain Gauge and Wind Gauge. The Netatmo mount makes it easier to attach your Rain / Wind Gauge to a wall, roof, pole or railing.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

Netatmo's Smart Indoor Camera does home security better thanks to revolutionary face recognition technology. It distinguishes who is home and alerts you immediately about intruders. The camera sends the names of the people it recognises directly to your smartphone. The ultra-precise notifications let you know who is home without wasting time watching footage. Use the Smart Indoor Camera to keep an eye on your home: be immediately alerted when a stranger is detected or when loved ones are safely home.

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren

Protect your home with the Netatmo's Smart Outdoor Camera with in-built Siren and flood light. Enjoy a subscription-free service with free video storage. Receive a real-time notification via your smartphone when an unknown person or vehicle is detected on your property. The Outdoor Camera can distinguish between people, animals, vehicles and harmless movements. Images are accessible 24 hours a day from your smartphone, including night captures thanks to infrared vision and built-in floodlight.