Easily expand and control your Chuango H4 LTE DIY wireless security alarm system with a range of wireless remote controls.

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Chuango Wi-Fi Wireless Alarm with HD Camera

From: $149.00
The Chuango AWV-Plus WiFi Alarm System is an easy to setup (DIY) and use, self-monitored home security alarm system... which is ready to start protecting your home or office as soon as you connect it to your Wi-Fi router. Expand your security alarm system now or in the future by adding additional wireless sensors. Control and monitor your alarm from anywhere using the free app without any monthly subscriptions. Kit includes 1 x AWV-Plus Control Panel, 2 x Door / Window Sensors, 1 x Motion Sensor, 1 x Key-fob Remote and 1 x HD Indoor Camera.

Chuango Remote Control (2 Pack)

Use the Chuango Keychain Remote Control to easily arm and disarm your Chuango H4 alarm system (with or without sound notification). There is also a handy 24 hour panic button that will instantly trigger the H4 alarm in case of an emergency (even if the system is not armed). Two Chuango Keychain Remote Controls are included.

Chuango Wireless Pendant Panic Button

Wireless panic button pendants are used to trigger the alarm system in the event of an emergency. Because they are wireless they can be carried around with you. When the panic button is pressed a signal is sent to the alarm control panel and it will trigger the alarm regardless if the alarm system is armed or disarmed. It is connected to the 24 hour zone on the alarm.

Chuango Wireless Keypad

This wireless RFID keypad can be connected to your Chuango H4 alarm system for convenient arming and disarming via PIN codes. With its built in RFID reader, you can also use the Chuango RFID Tags to disarm your H4 alarm system rather than entering a PIN code on the keypad.

Chuango RFID Tags (2 Pack)

The RFID Swipe Tags can be used in conjunction with the Chuango Keypad to disarm the Chuango H4 alarm system. You simply hold it up to the keypad and the H4 will disarm. You can also program the H4 to send an SMS notification to the alarm administrator advising which user has disarmed the alarm.

Chuango Wireless Signal Repeater

Signal repeaters repeat the communication signal of any sensors, strobe/sirens, remote controls etc. Signal repeaters can be used in larger applications to enable the alarm control panel to protect a larger premises or location.