Your heating and cooling keeps you comfortable – it also costs a lot of money to operate. Z-Wave offers a select range of smart climate control devices that will automate and intelligently maintain your comfort – whilst also saving you money. Control from anywhere using your smartphone or voice assistant.  Or use Z-Wave smart sensors to automate and control your heating and cooling.

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Fakro Z-Wave Motorised Window Opener

Easily add Z-Wave control to your chain opening windows and ventilation covers. The Fakro Z-Wave Motorised Window Opener is European engineered and manufactured to the highest standards guaranteeing years of trouble free operation, durability and reliability.

Remotec Z-Wave to Aircon IR Controller

The Remotec Z-Wave A/C Controller (ZXT-600) is a Z-Wave Plus to IR extender for your split system air-conditioner (AC), it works with any Z-Wave compliant gateway or controller by translating Z-Wave Thermostat Commands to AC IR (infra-red) control code.

Remotec Z-Wave Thermostat

Upgrade your old analogue or digital 24V thermostat to a programmable Z-Wave thermostat and control and monitor your heating/cooling system from anywhere. Save on heating and cooling costs with intelligent, programable Z-Wave control.